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      2. ServiceMaster Clean
        Cleaning Services

        Since 1952 when ServiceMaster sold its first franchise, our franchisees have been providing professional cleaning services to keep homes and businesses looking their very best.

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        ServiceMaster Restore
        Disaster Restoration Services

        When disaster strikes, ServiceMaster Restore disaster restoration specialists are on call 24/7/365 to help our customers (homeowners and businesses) get their lives back to normal after unexpected events.

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        Merry Maids
        Home Cleaning Services

        For more than 35 years, Merry Maids has been a leader in the residential cleaning industry and is the largest network of home cleaning franchises in the world, caring for thousands of homes every day.

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        Inspection Services & Home Energy Audits

        With more than 25 years as a leader in the home inspection industry, AmeriSpec helps buyers and sellers feel more confident about buying, selling and upgrading their commercial or residential property and saving our customers unforeseen costs.

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        Furniture Medic
        Furniture Repair and
        Restoration Services

        For more than 20 years, Furniture Medic has provided professional furniture repair, cabinet refacing and wood  restoration on site services to homes and businesses across Canada.

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        home main 0 ServiceMaster has been instrumental in changing not only the landscape of the service industry, but also the franchise ownership experience for thousands of entrepreneurs in Canada.

        For over 60 years, ServiceMaster remains dedicated to helping home and business owners keep their environments clean, safe and comfortable. Each year, we serve over 10.5 million homes and businesses offering janitorial, carpet cleaning, regular on-going house cleaning, furniture repair and refinishing, inspections and disaster restoration services.

        Explore which opportunity might be right for you!

        The ServiceMaster Family of Brands is among the most well known and respected in the service industry. The ability to hit the ground running on day one with an established, well-respected brand is invaluable, not to mention the complete training, marketing and people development that each of our franchises offer.

        Explore our established franchise brands below:


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